iphone 7 specificationTalking about iPhone 7 the first thing comes in mind how powerful it will be. Well, it will be surely much more enhanced as well as powerful in compare to the older versions. iPhone 7 may comes with 3 or 4 GB RAM and A10 processor. Moreover, iPhone 7 is expected to be waterproof and it may comes with wireless charger and head phone. Another good thing about iPhone 7 is that it can come with 12 Mega pixel dual lens camera with optical zoom with 2-3x magnification. It is expected that this next gen phone will come with 5.5 inch large screen.

In addition, iPhone 7 will even provide extended storage capacity than the previous version. Apple may further introduce faster LTE speeds on the this particular device. This phone is supposed to come with OLED screen. The display of this phone is said to feature 3D multi touch sensors. In addition it is also reported that the iPhone 7 will have a second speaker, providing stereo sound. Well, nothing is sure yet as neither this phone is released nor any official announcement arrived yet. Anyway, one thing is for sure, iPhone 7 will be packed with several surprising features and it really will be an amazing experience while using this next generation phone.