Apple is one of the world biggest brand which has produced mind blowing iPhone and still it is ruling the market. Recently Apple has announced to launch its new model iPhone 7 which is still to come in market. But after this announcement a new battle arise that is if the iPhone 7 is better then its previous model iPhone 6S. People who are already using the iPhone 6S is still in confusion that is it a good decision to upgrade their phone with iPhone 7 or which one is best for them. However this hot battle will get an end with the release of the iPhone 7 which is almost going to launch. So if you are also in confusion whether you have to go with the new one or stay with the old one then here you will get help.

Lets start the battle with the screen which is an important part of any phone. In the present the iPhone 6S features a 4.7 inch screen with a resolution of 1334 x 750 pixel. Now if we compare the iPhone 6S screen with the latest rumors of iPhone 7 will get an upgrade with 1080p Full HD panel which can make users upgrade their phone also. Now if you want a good screen then you must want protection also and the latest iPhone 7 screen will be featured with Gorilla Glass 5 which give it protection from sudden drop. Other thing which is necessary to compare is the camera because it is the other reason why many people want to change their phone. With the 12 MP camera iPhone 6S delivers really mind blowing images and if we believe on the rumors then iPhone 7 get a little update by remaining the 12 MP and offering a large sensor.

Apple is always known to deliver quality and best performance. So when it comes to the iPhone power then the 1.84GHz dual-core A9 chip of iPhone 6S was superb which may remains same in the iPhone 7 but it can get a power boost. The 2 GB RAM of the iPhone 6S can also get some boost. But we talk about the storage then the iPhone 7 is also leading here. Previously we have 16 GB internal storage in the iPhone 6S but it is expected to 32 GB in the iPhone 7. You can get an advantage in the iPhone 7. It comes with iOS 10 update so unlike the iPhone 6S you don’t have to update it manually.


Well, it is hard to declare the best one because the iPhone 7 is yet to come in the market and there are lost of rumors daily creating about this. But one thing which we can say that iPhone 6S is still the better phone from the Apple but you will get some up-gradation in the iPhone 7.